Prepaid Virtual 
Visa Credit Cards
Credit cards are delivered by email (maximum72 hours) and contain the card number, CVV2/CVC2
number,  expiration date and credit limit. Expiration date is always between 1 and 2 months.
Attention: Service at will be unavailable from August 1st to September 12th. Any card in use will still work, and unused funds will not be lost, but no new cards will be issued, reissued or receive email support in that time frame.
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Which Bank issues your virtual credit cards? Our Visa cards are issued by  European Union banks. Our
cards are accepted anywhere VISA is accepted. (Online stores, Adwords, Paypal, Amazon...)
Can I apply for a card? There is no application you simply buy it using liberty reserve no matter
where you live.
Can I use it from my country? Yes unless the merchant blocks your ip in that case you will need to use a
proxy server.
What exactly is a virtual credit card? Virtual Credit Card is a prepaid & non-reloadable card that works like
a real credit card. It can be used at web sites, online merchants, internet shops & web stores over the internet
where payment by credit card is accepted.
Do I need to use my correct name and address?  No, the credit card has no name but if you buy physical
goods you must provide an address for delivery. That being said you are responsible for any illegal use.
Do you provide verification? Yes, some companies require you to verify ownership of the credit card, they do
this by authorizing a a small amount like $1.43 and asking you to verify it, we provide this information for free
  simply include the card number and your email (do not include CVV2/CVC2).
What about charge backs and refunds? Due to the nature of this cards, there are no refunds on charge backs.
When will I receive my card?  72 hours maximum ( usually up to 24 hours but can be longer on weekends and
I didn't receive any email from you. Contact us  immediately with  your payment information, if more than 72
hours have passed.
What happens to the money on my Credit Card if it expires? You are advised to spend all the money that
you have on your Credit Card before it expires; any money left on the Card will be lost.
I want a lot of credit cards can I get special pricing? Yes, for large or recurrent deals, resellers or other
business proposals email us
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